Alan Smyth on the complete dad podcast

Alan Smyth | Human Trafficking and How Fathers Can Make an Impact

by The Complete Dad Podcast

Today we are joined on the podcast by Alan Smyth. Alan serves as the Executive Director for Saving Innocence, an anti-human trafficking, community-based organization focused on child victims of sex trafficking. Based in Los Angeles, Alan’s main focus includes budgeting and resource development, strategic partnerships, staff development and client services.

Alan is also the co-author of the book “Men, Fight For Me”. It is an authentic and hard-hitting conversation, including the first-hand experiences of victims, about the plight of Human Trafficking in America, specifically child sex trafficking.

“Fight For Me” are words he heard directly from a survivor of sex trafficking. Alan’s unique view of this tragedy has given him a backstage pass to this horrific exploitation of children. Co-authored by Jessica Midkiff, a survivor of child trafficking, this book speaks directly to the hearts of men and our responsibility to step up and take leadership in the remedy.

Alan lists his greatest achievement is being married to Sharon for 37 years and being Dad to Brittany, Trevor & Daughter in law Katy!

You can learn more about the work Alan is doing and how we can help serve, empower and advocate for child victims of human trafficking by getting involved with Saving Innocence at Check out and get yourself a copy of “Men, Fight For Me” at

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