Alan Smyth on It’s Not My Credit to Take

“If we don’t take this crime isn’t taken personally, it won’t be taken seriously.” That is a quote from Alan Smyth and his co-author, Jessica Midkiff’s book, “Men! Fight for Me: The Role of Authentic Masculinity in Ending Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking.”

As Executive Director of Saving Innocence, an anti-human trafficking, community-based organization focused on the recovery and restoration of child victims of sex trafficking, Alan Smyth is squarely in the fight. He is pushing against a culture that stands by and allows people, mostly men to engage in what can be described as pure evil.

Alan believes that men need to step up taking child sexual exploitation both personally and seriously in the pursuit of ending commercial, sexual exploitation of women and minor children in the United States and throughout the world. And he is 100% correct in holding this belief.

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